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11th 12月 2011

JSCP 2011

This year again, I took part to the annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Pathway on December 9-10.  This year, it took place in Tokyo, at the prestigious Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku and the chairman was Prof. Fukui of St Luke International Hospital.

The theme of the 12th edition was: the Future of Multi-Disciplinary Team Care.

The main topics covered this year were mostly recurring with respect to previous years:
1. Critical Indicators (CI) or Quality Indicators (QI)
2. Analysis of Variance, and Outcome Master
3. Pathway of Regional Cooperation
4. Multi-disciplinary Team
5. DPC (diagnosis procedure combination) and Clinical Pathway

Moreover, this year, 2 special guests were invited:
Prof. Shigeaki Hinohara, who turned 100 years old this year, and delivered a powerful message on stage, about the concept of Team Based Learning.  Truely amazing.
Prof. Junichiro Kawaguchi, professor of aerospacial research at Kyoko University, who talked about a completely unrelated topic (apparently, at least): the amazing story of Hayabusa, the spacecraft which made a 7 year trip into space before landing back on Earth, after multiple technical troubles.

And last but not least, this year’s conference also covered the terrible earthquake of Tohoku (Northern Japan) and its consequences in the medical world.

The attendence was more than 2,400 people, less than average, but not too bad considering the difficult year it was for Japan.

Here are a few notes I took.

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28th 11月 2011

Mon beau sapin…


Hier, j’ai fabrique ce sapin de Noel tout en bois.
Qu’en dites-vous?  Pas mal, non?
Il y a encore du travail pour le poncer, mais je pense ne pas le peindre et garder le bois brut.
Et en plus, il est demontable, ce qui est un avantage pour un sapin de Noel…

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8th 2月 2009





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23rd 1月 2009



このビデオで紹介された7つの法則は、ほか(Loic Le MeurGuy Kawasaki)で聞いたのとちょっと違って面白いと思いました。

1. 好奇心旺盛で流行に敏感。
2. 好きなことなら、勉強する。
3. 政治経済の変化に気をつける。
4. 他人の意見を聞く but 自分の軸をぶらさない。
5. 成功した自分の姿を想像する。
6. 数値化された目標を達成する。
7. 人・物・金・情報をうまく使い分けて成果をあげる。


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10th 1月 2009

日本で家を購入する! #4



Notre maison







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18th 9月 2008


昨日、次女が生まれました!これで投稿しなきゃ :)


Douce pluie d’automne.
Camille, tu portes les fruits
d’un chemin de Vie.

この俳句をフラッシュで作った出産報告のカードに入れてみました (ページをマウスで捲ってくださいね)。


Manon Camille

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12th 9月 2008


次の本を読み終わったところです:“An introduction to Steiner Education: the Waldorf School” (作者:Francis Edmunds)。この本を読んだ主な理由は、来年から娘が入園する予定の幼稚園が「シュタイナーの学校」であって、シュタイナー教育についてもう少し調べたかったからです。


Introduction to Steiner Education: The Waldorf School

[…] Waldorf education is based on man as a threefold being. That he thinks, feels and wills, that he is head, heart and limb, is taken to be obvious. Event that he consists of body, mind […] and spirit […] is widely accepted. Yet it can hardly be said that these distinctions have entered deeply into educational practice. There the intellectual approach has grown more dominant at all levels. […]

The headwise approach, as we have called it, has serious consequences. Is the child brainy, will he be able to pass exams, are questions that weight greatly on parents. The non-exam child, the child in whom heart and limb do not keep pace with the head, comes to be looked on as inferior. Art and the crafts play second fiddle. Thus all the three phases, infant, child and adolescent, are pressed forward intellectually and this has consequence for the whole life. The clever ones are extolled, but where are the artists and the craftsmen who embellish life and give it greater quality? They are rare to find.

But the effects of overemphasis on head and brain learning go further than this. We see how children in the kindergarten lose their spontaneous genius for play. They grow restless, are bored or get uncontrolled, and then they need adults with their thought-out games and learning devices to engage and entertain them. What belongs properly to the first years of schooling is pushed down prematurely into the pre-school years. That means drawing the children into their nervous system, making them ‘heady’ too soon; but that in turn also means robbing them of their early powers of imagination, the source, if allowed to play itself out naturally, of greater creativity in later life. Then, as is seen so clearly in public life, we arrive at adults who fall short of demand, who cannot enter with imagination into the problems, mainly human problems, that confront them, and therefore cannot arrive at the needed solutions.

個人的に、この分析と全く賛成ですが、確かに極端で一般的に受け入れにくいと思います。あなたは、どう思いますか? 我々の学校は確かに「アタマ」にフォーカスしすぎているのか、それとも21世紀の普通の進化だと思いますか?

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11th 9月 2008





Eau 2007 Eau 2008
Vent 2007 Vent 2008
Feu 2007 Feu 2008

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4th 9月 2008


どうも、久しぶりです。まさか「Ma tasse de thé」を忘れてないだろう?


最近気になっているのは: どうやって情報を仕入れますか?

きっと、言われるのは:「新聞やRSSフィードを読め」と。 新聞は(ほとんど)読んでいないが、Google readerを出来るだけ効率よく使おうとしてます。しかし、リーダーはツールにすぎないで、それをどう使うかがポイントになりますね。

Google Reader
Google Reader

どのフィードを選びますか?ピエールと言う友達が言うように大事なのはリーダーは生きていてその中身を常に見直して、読まないものを捨てるべき。それは賛成ですが、プロアクティヴな体制が必要。時々、投稿を次々とスクロールしながら飛ばしていく感じで読んでいる時があって、その後何も覚えてません(マウスのスクロール輪の練習以外にあまり意味がない・・・)。つまり、使えないものを捨てる必要。たとえば、「D conference」の時に「All Things Digital」のフィードに登録したが、最近はどうも平凡な内容しか乗ってなくてガッカリ。 → ポイ



最近ピエールが投稿で書いた投稿「What do they learn at school?」につながります。つまり、学校で使えるものを一つも学ばなければ、その後で学び続けることが大事だ。



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9th 8月 2008



Google Streetview
Google Streetview

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