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Flexible Upload

Flexible Upload is a plugin for WordPress 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and 2.5 to enhance the image upload functionality.

Main Features

  • Resize pictures at upload to the size you specify
  • Let you decide whether or not to create a thumbnail and specify its size
  • Optionally incrust a watermark signature in all pictures you upload
  • Specify picture alignment (left, right, center) when inserting them into your posts
  • Specify a plugin like Lightbox (Thickbox, Greybox) to display your pictures, or open them in a separate window
  • Insert a caption for each picture
  • Multi-language support


Please download this plugin from WordPress Plugins > Flexible Upload.

See the Release Notes for details.


It is extremely simple to install, just download the plugin and unzip it in your wp-content/plugins directory.

Have a look at the option page to customize the plugin to your needs. Have a look a the help page for an explanation of the features.

For those of you who upgrade from a previous version: make sure you deactivate the plugin and re-activate it (to add the options to database).


For support, help, tips, bug reports and feature requests, please use the forum.

>>> If you like this plugin, don’t forget to vote on the official WP Plugins page! <<< Licence

This plugin is distributed under the terms of the GPL licence.

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