23rd January 2009

7 rules to become an entrepreneur

I just stumbled upon this video: “7 rules to become an entrepreneur”

I found the 7 rules proposed in this video interesting, because I think they are slightly different from what I heard elsewhere (e.g. by Loic Le Meur or Guy Kawasaki). Although the message is probably the same, the way it’s presented here is nice.

Here are the 7 rules:
1. Outrageously curious, be sensitive to the trends.
2. If it’s something you like, study it.
3. Pay attention to changes in politics and economy.
4. Listen to others’ opinion but don’t let your direction be blurred.
5. Imagine yourself having succeeded.
6. Accomplish measurable goals.
7. Appropriately use people, things, money and information to deliver results.

It’s all very Japanese, because very pragmatic.

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19th October 2007

ZA entrepreneur

Cool book (in Japanese) about entrepreneurship:


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