18th September 2008

Camille is born!

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Our second daughter is born yesterday, this is well worth writing a post :)

Her name is Camille, and the Japanese transcription is 迦実 (kamii). Since I am often asked about the meaning of the name, here is a word of explanation: the first kanji, (ka) has actually no particular meaning in Japanese and is mainly used for transliteration of names. This character appears among others in the word shaka 釈迦 (which means Buddha), but the meaning I assign it personally is rather based on the ideogram structure: the central part 加 means “to add”, and the external part Path is “the path”, which I (very freely) translate as “the path of Life”. The second character , has a more obvious meaning: “fruit” or (in a different context) “certainty”. My own translation of Camille’s name is therefore “the fruits of a pathway of Life”. You can find it back in the little haiku (Japanese poem of 17 syllabes), which I composed for her:

Douce pluie d’automne.
Camille, tu portes les fruits
d’un chemin de Vie.

I have actually included this little haiku in the birth announcement card in Flash, which can be found here (don’t forget to turn the pages with the mouse!).

And here is a picture of Camille, and one of her elder daughter Manon, taken 2 and a half years ago. Did you say they look like each other?

Manon Camille
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