11th September 2008

My daughter grew up in a year!

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Last week Saturday, we took part in a festival organized every year at the kindergarten which my daughter will attend from next year. Interestingly, we took part to the same event (almost) exactly one year ago, and the proposed activities were the same as last year.

You may want to ask why this is interesting. Well, because it gave me the chance to observe my daughter in the exact same situation as one year before, and see her evolution in one year. Amazing! Last year, Manon was 19 months old (this year 2 years and 7 months) and you really can see the difference: she was a “passive” baby last year, and this year, she became an active child, who really takes part to the activities.

You can get a feeling through the pictures below (left are from 2007, right from 2008).

Eau 2007 Eau 2008
Vent 2007 Vent 2008
Feu 2007 Feu 2008
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