4th September 2008

What are your sources of information?

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It’s been a while since my last post. Is “Ma tasse de thé” being abandoned?

I have to admit I was quite busy, among other things by the acquisition of a new house (!) and by preparing the birth of our second child (!!) And while I hope coming back on these later, it is not about this I wanted to write today.

A question which occupies me these times is: How to keep myself up to date?

You will tell me to read the paper, or to browse RSS feeds. I (almost) don’t read the paper, but I do use Google reader at best, but although the tools is there, I realize it’s all about how you use it.

Google Reader
Google Reader

Which feeds to choose? Pierre told us about the importance to keep your feedreader “alive”, by adding new feeds and getting rid of those you don’t read, and I agree. But it requires you to be proactive. I sometimes see myself scrolling from one post to the other in a feed, without remembering a lot from my “reading” (apart being a good exercise for my mouse scrolling wheel, it’s not very useful). You need to throw away what’s not useful. Example: during the “D conference”, I thought it’d be nice to register to the “All Things Digital” feed, but now, I sometimes feel all these topics are not so interesting. –> Get rid of it!

But more importantly: how to find new feeds? This requires to surf more widely, which I don’t do often enough.

My favorite sources in Software Engineering are InfoQ and SE-Radio. I like to download the new episodes of SE-Radio and listen to them while I bike to work. It’s an excellent way to learn (more than being “up to date” because not all topics are really new).

This links me to what Pierre wrote in his post “What do they learn at school?” (waow, second reference to Pierre, he’ll become my guru!) It is even more important to continue learning, especially when you realize you didn’t learn anything at school…

Besides this, I enjoy entrepreneurs blogs, and blogs in the medical computing field, like this one or that one.

What about you? What are your sources of information?

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